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This blog is all about me playing poker. I'm not the best poker player and I tend to get beat a lot so I thought that if I write about all the games I play I might be able to remember them better and to become a better poker player.


Best Online Sports Betting Strategy That You Must Know

Betting online majorly depends on the betting systems that you are working on. These help you to make a wiser decision in putting in money. There are systems who claim that they can help you win thousands of dollars in bets every time. All that glitters is not gold would be best way to say it.
Emotions are the basic factor which leads to complexions in betting on sports online. Sometimes betting on your favorite team may not be the best thing to do. In order to be a better professional at betting, it require from you to apply best available online betting strategies. This is a basic hint for getting a professional at betting online.
Betting strategies are available on internet. They can vary in many types, but the best strategies for betting on any online sports are very limited. These are the strategies used by the professional gamblers in online sport events. They use their experience along with these techniques to earn money.
For beginners, it is important not to have a craze for winning, and even if they win, it should be considered as luck not talent. Professional gamblers are never interested in making a bunch of money. He never gets excited by offers to make tons of money. He never follows his emotional feeling but rather uses all the best strategies available on internet to lead to a successful gambling. One of the differences between an amateur and a pro is that an amateur will take risk at any game that seems interesting while a pro will wait for the one that is made for him.
If you want to be a pro at betting online on sports, you have to go through all the best online strategies on betting. One of the basic techniques you should follow is to make a good choice about sports betting system. That system will help you in choosing the best bet out there. Cheaper bets usually don’t have money back guarantee so do not buy bet less than 75 dollars. Also the administrator of the system should also be reliable enough.
The best online strategy out there is patience. Patience can help you win money without letting your emotions drive you. Even if you lose a bet, that doesn’t mean to give up patience. It should always be major a part of your betting strategies. Hitting every chance you get to win money will definitely make you lose all your money and pretty fast.
Research also helps in making your bet successful. First know everything about the sport you are betting on and then start online betting will increase significantly the chances of you winning the bet. Also do homework on all the team member and main players of the team that you are betting on. The more information you have about the sport, the more you can satisfy yourself with winning.


Playing Free Poker and Winning Cash

Poker is the most interesting game that is featuring on television nowadays. If you are one of those among the millions that had been on the follow up of Texas Holdem, you will actually know what I am talking about. Poker is the most natural and interesting game to be involved with. Just watch the world poker professional players on the screen of your television and you will be excited about the pleasure and the rudiments of the game. 

Are you interested in playing or watch the game call poker? Are you a poker fans? Have you been thinking of poker? If so, then let us ride on. There are two fundamental options as acclaimed by professionals and poker experts. To play live poker with friends and relatives, or to play on the internet with millions of poker player all over the glob, is making money on a platform of excitement. 

The most interesting thing about playing poker is that it can be played at the comfort of your home without passing through the huddles and the problems associated with gathering and playing with friends from ideology with different characters. Yes the internet will save you those pains. You can easily find any category of readily available player on the internet.

For those that interested to play poker online, there are three fundamental options. These are money game for cash, demon cash game for practice, and poker free-rolls. However our focus here shall be the free-rolls because it provides the avenue for playing free game and at the same time win cash.

The free-rolls provide you the opportunity to enter the game free without paying a dim except filling a simple online form. The completion of the simple online form automatically makes you a member of the poker boardroom. How do I then win cash when I did not play with Cash? Yes that is the most and interesting advantage of poker over every other game. You will win cash prize when you finally win the tournament or highly rated.



New cool pokersite with a touch of Rioting :)


My most popular Swedish post

I work on a Swedish site. The most popular post I’ve made there is one called pottodds. It means Pot Odds in Swedish and I had no idea it would become so well visited. If I had known about it I’d spent some more time on it to start with. Have changed a few parts today to make it more of a pro-article but it’s still not that great. Not sure how I should handle it, feels a bit risky to rewrite it since the traffic comes from search engines.


Finally the hand I was waiting for

Ok I sit there with J Q spades, I’m shortstacked and there are 5 other guys left, one really good. I’ve been leaking for over an hour trying to play really, really tight to get in the money (top 3).

I decide to play this hand of course but being last to play there are already 3 guys in the pot which is already bigger then half of what I have. I call and the flop comes Q hearts, J hearts, 9 hearts.

I go all in on a half bluff, I’m very uncertain wether one of them have a flush, they tend to overplay suited cards before the flop  and when 2 of them call I know I’m screwed. 

Turn comes 4 diamonds, both check.

And, on the river J diamonds.

Take that. 


Working on a poker site

Been working on a poker site for a while: PokerRush. It’s in swedish though so it might be hard for you non swedes to read. It’s a general poker site with info on starting hands and stuff like that, nothing fancy.

My thought was that if there is someone that might be interested in translating it I’d be very happy. Can’t pay anything for the work but I can give a lot of credit on the site.

 If you know enough about poker and swedish to translate it i’d be extremely glad if you contacted me.